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A leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality cable solutions, and a commitment to excellence, deliver reliable and cost-effective products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Bonson is an electrical product brand that was established in 2013. Our company was incorporated as a private limited company namely “Bonson Electrical Industries India Private Limited” on 06th July, 2021. Our company is a leading manufacturer and seller of electrical wires and cables, and Fast-Moving Electrical Goods. Our organization has a significant presence in the market of Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh and is well-known for our commitment to quality and standards and our reputation for manufacturing superior-quality products is second to none.

Our Mission

Providing our valued customers with a one-stop solution for wires and cables products. We will expand on our strong foundation of technological excellence, outstanding quality…

Our Vision

We strive to be India’s top cable provider, providing a comprehensive range of goods and services to fulfil the diversified requirements of our customers. Our strategy…

Core Values

Committed to operating with complete integrity and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Collaborating relationships are used to realise synergies. Maintain…
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The Qualities that makes us stand out in the market

Superior-quality products

At our company, we place a strong emphasis on manufacturing and selling only high-quality,products that meet and exceed industry standards. We believe that delivering exceptional,products is essential to provide the best experience to our customers. That is why we are,dedicated to making market-ready products that meet rigorous quality control standards.

In-house PVC production

In-House PVC production for both insulation and sheathing of our wires and cables allows us to exercise complete control over the quality and consistency of our product. The mindset of providing quality beyond national standards ensures that our products provide you the best performance and longevity, keeping in mind the safety of your family.

In-house copper drawing

The conductor is the most important part of any wire and cable. With In-House copper wire,drawing and proper testing of incoming copper rod we ensure that no low-quality copper sets,foot in or out of our company. Drawing is the process of reducing the size of copper rod to the,desired size according to cable design.

Modernized Machinery

Modernized machinery provides numerous benefits including increased efficiency, improved,quality, and reduced wastage. Investing in state-of-the-art technology has not only given us a,competitive advantage in the market but also, has enabled us to provide higher-quality products,and exceptional customer service in comparison to competitors.

High-speed extrusion lines

Extrusion is the most critical process in the manufacturing of Wires and Cables. High-Speed,extrusion lines provide improved efficiency, reduced wastage of raw materials, savings on time,and an enormous output of product. Our triple cross head extruder is a specialized piece of,technology that is designed to produced industrial cables at very high speed.

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Power Unleashed: Introducing Our Innovative NBR Rubber Battery Cables

In a world that thrives on constant connectivity and power, the foundation lies in the unsung heroes of technology: battery cables.

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Bonson Cables : Powering Your Lives

Bonson Cables is a Two-star export house with exports to 80 countries with multiple Export Excellence Awards from EEPC India. The manufacturing facility boasts infrastructure.

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