Top 5 Cable

Top 5 Cable Manufacturers in India

Bonson ranks among the Top 5 Cable Manufacturers in India that manufacture, supply, distribute, and export a wide range of top-quality cables, such as housewire & industrial cables, 3-core flat submersible cables, multicore flexible cables, aluminum multi-core cable, annealed bare core, and submersible poly winding wire.

Experts at Bonson take into account several parameters in the manufacturing process. They choose the best quality raw materials to manufacture cables. They design cables that have the quality to resist temperature. Here are some of the qualities of Bonson cables:

  • High conductivity
  • Strong durability
  • Flexible insulation
  • Efficient transmission
  • Universal compatibility
  • Reliable shielding
  • Versatile flexibility
  • Long-lasting longevity

Being one of the Top 5 Cable Manufacturers in India, Bonson examines and tests its cables on several parameters. Our experts conduct various tests, such as Continuity checks, Fire Resistance Tests, Conductor resistance verification, Smoke Density Ratings, Tensile strength tests, oxygen Index evaluations, Shielding effectiveness Tests, and Flammability verification.

Bonson is popular for quality products, trust, and a strong emphasis on product, and performance. Our experts invest in R&D with a view to bringing cables of international standards that comply with all requirements set by the government norms. The team makes a hard effort to improve quality level by using advanced technologies.

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