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Aluminium Cable Manufacturers

Bonson is one of the leading aluminum Cable Manufacturers in India. We supply, manufacture, and distribute premium quality cables that serve as vital components for electrical power distribution, machinery wiring, and automation systems in diverse industries.

About Our Aluminum Cable

Our aluminum cables are superior electrical conductors that come with extraordinary and noteworthy trademarks. They are primarily crafted from aluminum and highly conductive metal. These cables consist of stranded or solid aluminum wires encased in insulating materials such as PVC, XLPE, or EPR.

Our Aluminum cables are widely used in electrical installations for power transmission and distribution. They are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications for wiring, overhead power lines, and underground installations.

  • Lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install
  • Highly abundant and less expensive
  • Corrosion resistance in various environments
  • Excellent conductivity for efficient electrical transmission
  • Super flexibility, easily bent and manipulated
  • Fit complex installation requirements
  • High thermal conductivity, dissipates heat effectively
  • Minimal risk of overheating in electrical systems

Our Quality Commitment

At Bonson, our aluminum cables are assembled with a perfect combination of attractive features and specifications. /Designed in our ultra-advanced manufacturing facility, our product ensures robust built-up, high tensile strength that performs long-lasting operations.

To affirm these characteristics, our company conducts several quality control measures, including, premium raw material selection, accuracy in production, shock-proof attributes, and superior safety.

Choose Bonson as one of the trusted aluminum cable manufacturers and experience innovative and customized electrical solutions for the success of your business.

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