Industrial Wire and Cable

Industrial Wire and Cable Manufacturers

Bonson is one of the largest industrial wire and cable manufacturers in India. For many years of rigorous and disciplined services, we have been delivering the global standard industrial wires and cables that have now become a game changer in the modern infrastructure development of diverse industries.

With constant innovation and production excellence, we stand to lead the industry by providing top-quality cables. Designed with futuristic technology and expert techniques, these products revolutionized the powering industries worldwide.

Our products are imperative for running a myriad of applications across diverse industries. They facilitate power distribution, signal transmission, automation, control systems, power machinery, equipment, and appliances, and enlighten the world with electrical lighting sources. In short, they serve as the lifeline of the infrastructure, whether it is commercial or residential.

About Our Industrial Wire and Cable

Bonson Industrial wire and cable are designed for heavy-duty applications in industrial settings. Specially crafted for industrial electrical applications, our wires excellently transmit electrical power, signals, and data safely within different industrial environments.

These electrical conductors are manufactured using high-quality materials such as copper, aluminum, or specialty alloys for conductors. They have excellent electrical conductivity and mechanical strength. For the insulation, we utilize several non-conductive materials including PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene), and rubber compounds.

Apart from that, we also use shielding materials like aluminum foil or braided copper that are used to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) in sensitive applications.

Features of Our Wire and Cable

Our wires are designed with superior sourced material which is engineered to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures, moisture, chemicals, and mechanical stress. They boast numerous features including robust insulation, superior conductivity, efficient power transmission, signal integrity, and minimal electromagnetic interference.

Moreover, they are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate diverse applications such as heavy machinery wiring and intricate control systems. Besides all, they have the flexibility for easy installation, maintenance, and adoption of different functioning statements.

Benefits Of Using Our Industrial Wire And Cable

  • Reliable power distribution
  • Efficient data and signal transmission
  • Less risk of electrical surge and shock
  • Suitable with diverse industrial applications
  • Long-life span and uninterpreted powering operations
  • Cost-effective, saving high electricity bills

Industries We Serve

Being one of the leading Industrial Wire and Cable Manufacturers, we serve various industries including manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, energy, transportation, aerospace, automobile, mining, renewable energy, manufacturing, and more. They are widely employed in machinery and equipment wiring, control systems, automation, power distribution, lighting, data transmission, and communication networks as well as transmitting data and signals over long distances.

Choose Bonson as one of the trusted Industrial Wire and Cable Manufacturers. Experience the electrical system difference with our wire and cable. Discover our range and power up your facility with success achievement.

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